The unadulterated skies of Tenerife, Canary Islands are so clear and devoid of light and air pollution that it is regarded as a premier global site for stargazing by professionals and amateurs alike. It is home to the prestigious Canary Islands Astrophysics Institute along with huge telescopes - including the Gregor solar telescope - used by leading Spanish and international scientists attempting to unravel the mysteries of the Universe.

You can also travel along the 500-year-old Chasna Trail, which still holds the footsteps of those who daily traversed its woods centuries ago. There you can admire a unique moonscape, which has been featured in many movies because of its otherworldliness. Come find yourself beneath a blanket of stars.

To see the arms of the Milky Way and a vast array of constellations was such an indescribable moment and so peaceful. The highlight of our whole trip.” Review by Rachel A, a TripAdvisor traveler