Food and Wine

Tenerife’s wine is internationally recognized for its unique colors, flavors, and aromas due to natural heritage, climate, and volcanic roots. This area is home to two of Tenerife’s five designations of origin: Icoden Daute Isora and Abona. Discover all five by following our ‘wine routes,’ offering visitors the chance to uncover the history of the towns marked by wines with a true volcanic spirit. If you delve further into Tenerife’s wine culture, you can tour organic estates such as Alma de Trevejo.

And don’t miss Bodegas Monje vineyard in El Sauzal. Although the wine cellars were built in 1983, Bodegas Monje is a family vineyard dating to 1750. The Monje family is among Tenerife’s first wine producers, cultivating and bottling wine from the three grapes grown here — Listan Negro, Listan Blanco, and Negramoll.

Cuisine is another great hallmark of Tenerife’s culture. Traditional marketplaces in towns and villages across the Island offer wonderful fresh produce, often grown on organic farms. Our cuisine is a marvelous fusion between the historic and the avant-garde. Potatoes, ’mojos’ sauces, ’gofio’—a toasted corn meal—cheese, fish, and honey are all local delights.

Also, be sure to try one of Tenerife’s renowned guachinches. These small, family-run eateries offer meals improvised on a rural terrace with wine made of grapes grown onsite accompanied by traditional dishes, all at very affordable prices.

“We always drink the local wines when we are in Tenerife and they are excellent.” Review by Sylla, a TripAdvisor traveler