Spice Up Your Travel Style - Featured in Travel Pulse

With everyone’s busy lifestyles, it’s hard to sneak away from the office long enough to enjoy a relaxing vacation.

When you finally do get the chance, it’s not ideal to head somewhere with overcrowded restaurants and touristy hot spots.

Barcelo Hotel Group knows all about the “tourist syndrome” and is determined to provide their guests with tailor-made experiences. Gone are the days of doing what everyone else has done on vacation. With a visit to Royal Hideaway Corales Resort, guests will feel alive and will head home knowing they’ve enjoyed a unique, much-needed vacation.

A stay at this resort located on Tenerife, Spain’s largest Canary Island, guarantees beautiful scenery and gorgeous weather. It’s a perfect spot to unwind and rejuvenate the body before heading back to a busy work schedule.

For the foodies, a custom-made dinner can be prepared and brought right to the room. Guests can also choose to fully immerse themselves and sign up for a local cooking lesson. These lessons take place in an intimate setting with just a few other people.

For an unforgettable night, a Star Night Cruise needs to be on the agenda. Attendees will enjoy a dinner on board and spend the remaining portion of the night taking in the evening sky above Mount Teide National Park. A Sky Coach is onboard to help decipher the night's sky.

Back at the hotel, a spa treatment might sound a little “been there, done that.” However, Royal Hideaway Corales Resort has an unforgettable spa treatment. Guests can experience a floating massage in a private pool—relaxation at it's finest.

Whether it’s an adult only getaway or a family vacation, this is the place to put on your travel list.