Go Wild in Tenerife - Featured in Delano

The largest of the Canaries offers natural adventures with added winter sun for bonus.

When you think of Tenerife, the go-to European destination for winter sun first springs to mind, a place where many tourists flock to the island’s southern hotel resorts for sunbathing, activities galore and nightlife. Yet Tenerife has so much more to offer! Natures lovers and hiking fans will never get bored on this island of natural pleasures.

At Tenerife’s volcanic heart you’ll find the Teide National Park. A UNESCO World Heritage site, the central Mount Tiede volcano dominates the dramatic landscape at a towering 3,718m above sea level – making it Spain’s highest peak. The volcano is still active and its crater measures a whopping 10 miles wide. Hop on the cable car to the summit, for panoramic views of the striking geology below (like the Finger of God rock formation) and the archipelago afar.

The island also offers a myriad of hiking trails, from the tranquil forest terrains of the beautiful Orotaya Valley, to coastal walks and rugged ravines. For a refreshing post-hike dip, stop off at the picturesque town of Garachico. It’s home to many natural rock pools created from volcanic black rock left behind when the town was engulfed in lava by an eruption in 1706. For the more adventurous amongst you, why not explore the Cueva del Viento, visiting stretches of lava fields along the way. As Europe’s largest volcanic tube, it’s a labyrinth of tunnels measuring 18km long that formed 27,000 years ago. Meanwhile, if you’re someone who’s always got their head in the sky, take a tour of the Teide Observatory, where at night the sky becomes a magical sea of stars.