Diverse events at La Orotava’s Farmers’ Market

New activities are being planned to revitalise the Farmers’ Market in La Orotava.

Concerts, storytelling, entertainment for children, cooking workshops, recycling, show cooking, baking, zumba and laughter therapy are all on the agenda on Saturdays this last quarter of the year and into January.

The Farmer’s Market is located in the La Torrita, next to the multipurpose centre. Promotions have been going on for a year to energise this space in which local products are offered.

Gradually, the market has been seeing an increase in customers and in sales.

Deputy councillor of agriculture, Alexis Pacheco,said the council valued the co-operation of all involved in the market to revive the agrifood infrastructure that benefits many families and enhances the primary sector, especially taking into account that after the crisis, numerous people had become dependent on it for their livelihood.

The Farmer’s Market La Orotava, created in 2006, offers a variety of agricultural and livestock products.