15 of the Most Picturesque Locations in Tenerife, Spain - Featured In MSN

Tenerife, Spain: Full of Breathtaking Views

Whether you travel with a DSLR or an iPhone, the way you capture unforgettable moments in the Canary Islands will instantly become legendary with the scenery. With Tenerife boasting with about nine different microclimates, visitors to the island will have a wide variety of things to do, places to see and amazing photos to take.

From A Boat Off The Coast

Don't get me wrong - the island is beautiful. But one of my favorite views of it was from just off the coast. You can book a sailing on a private yacht with Big Smile Charters at sunset for unbelievable water views from the southern coast of Tenerife.

Humbodlt Lookout Point

Most lookout points are a tough climb, but the Humbodlt Lookout from just outside of Puerto de la Cruz is fairly easy to go to. The perfect time to go is mid-morning as Mount Teide and everything below it gets hit with the sun for the first time that day.

Los Gigantes Cliffs

They're called "Los Gigantes" for a reason. These cliffs that rise over 2,500-feet high are easy to spot from the road and offer a few good lookout points before reaching them. Get up-close and personal with the cliffs in an ocean kayak and snorkel trip with Teno Activo.

Teide National Park

Quite possibly the biggest reason for adventure travelers to head to Tenerife, Teide National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site full of volcanic sights. There are tens of thousands of acres to explore and climb, and star gazing events at night will light the sky up like you've never seen before. Make sure you remember a jacket - it gets much colder in the national park due to the high elevation.

Viewpoints On The Way To Masca

TF-436 is the only road that leads through the old village of Masca, and on the way, there are gorgeous views of peaks and valleys. Work your way through the clouds and as the sun peaks through, they make one heck of a backdrop for some side-of-the-road picture snapping.


Tenerife's own version of Machu Picchu, the village of Masca, is located in a valley surrounded by mountains and cliffs. Here you'll find cottages built from volcanic rock and trekkers going on or returning from adventures and locals playing music. This view is able to be seen from a local cafe while sipping a coffee.


In the northern part of Tenerife, you'll find the fishing village of Garachico which used to be a main port of the island. Now, it serves as a town that holds beautiful natural volcanic pools, an old fortress that was used to defend against pirates, and true Canarian culture that has withstood time.

Mount Teide's Summit

Conquering the highest peak in Spain will take your breath away for more than just the rise in altitude. Ascending to the peak of over 12,000-feet high via cable car will allow you to get the best views of the island and also see the neighboring Canary Islands. With special access from the national park, you can even see the volcano's crater.

Puerto de la Cruz

The local culture is vibrant in Puerto de la Cruz. From the walkable promenade and small shops to the ocean-side public pools and the smell of desserts, this is one town every visitor of Tenerife has to check out. There are black sand beaches to lounge on, teal-colored surf to gaze into, and tons of places to take photos you'll want to frame.

Drago Park

In The Parque del Drago (Drago Park) is one of the most iconic sights in the entire Canary Islands - an 800-year old dragon tree. Though it is technically a plant, this dragon tree is considered to be one of the oldest things on the island of Tenerife and it makes for quite the photo scenery.

Charco de La Laja Natural Pool

Out of all natural pools around Tenerife, Charco de La Laja is one of the best. It isn't one of the more touristy pools, and during low tide you can see right to the bottom. There are long, winding stairs that lead down to it for easy access, but be careful if it's high tide - they can get quite slippery.

The Hotel Botanico Gardens

There's nothing quite like a stroll through the park, especially when it's the Hotel Botanico's 27,000-sq feet garden. Referred to as one of the best botanical gardens in Tenerife and the Canary Islands, the garden features a pond full of giant carp, a peaceful area for meditation, and a perfect spot for romantic photos or even weddings.

Corona Forest

The only way to get to Mount Teide and Teide National Park is through the tall pines that make up Corona Forest. It's not uncommon to see mountain bikers, trekkers, and motorcycles flying through these winding roads, but it's well-worth taking a few minutes at each viewpoint to take it all in from high up.

Historical La Laguna

The old capital of Tenerife and UNESCO World Heritage Site, this is where you'll get a historical city feel on the island. Here you'll find more locals than tourists, flocks of college students attending the university, and those who are enthralled in history and culture. La Laguna was used as a template city to build many cities in the Caribbean, including Havana, Cuba, and exploring the old town feels like you stepped back in time. For an authentic stay, consider booking a stay at former tobacco factory/now boutique hotel, the La Laguna Gran Hotel.

El Socorro Beach

El Socorro Beach is different than most beaches in Tenerife - though it provides a cool backdrop of rugged terrain, it's unique positioning provides the ideal location for action-water sports. There are multiple competitions held at this beach throughout the year, as the waves and views are both perfect for beach lovers.