10 Reasons Why You Should Spend New Year’s in Tenerife

Source: Quest Travel Adventures

Are you tired of the same old New Year’s Eve celebrations, watching the Times Square Ball drop on TV as you count down the seconds until the champagne bottles pop? This is exactly why you should experience New Years in Tenerife! From old island traditions to lively nightclubs, we’ll countdown the reasons why you should end (and begin) your year on the Canary Islands.

10… Wine & Dine

Whether you’re dining in one of the island’s Michelin-star hotel restaurant or a local eatery in the town, you can expect a variety of delicious island dishes. From freshly caught seafood to Canary Island specialties, you’re in for a gastronomical experience that will leave your taste buds in awe. A nice compliment to your meal, enjoy a glass of wine from one of Tenerife’s local vineyards. Get an even better taste of the vineyard by touring it yourself! You’ll be guided around the field and into the wineries for a chance to sip the artisanal flavors of the island.

9… Hotels

After you spend your nights dancing, drinking, and celebrating, you’ll need a comfortable bed to recharge. Luckily, the hotels in Tenerife provide much more than just a comfy bed. Whether you’re looking for a romantic retreat or a family-friendly resort; golf-courses, pools, spas, and Michelin-star chefs in will keep the whole crowd pleased. With resorts situated all across the island, you’ll have a variety of luxurious options anywhere from the beachy coast to the center of the island.

8… Warm weather

Forget bundling up head to toe before heading out to your end of year celebration when you’re in Tenerife. Boasting a sunny winter climate of around 73°F, you can leave your winter jacket and gloves at home.

7… New Year's Day on the beach

Kick off the new year by taking advantage of Tenerife’s warm weather. After a night of celebrating, you can unwind and relax on the warm sands of the Tenerife beaches. While the waters may be a bit chilly for swimming (depending on your preference), the temperate climate makes for a perfect day of kicking back and soaking up the sun.

6… A touch of snow

On the other hand, the holidays may have you in the mood to enjoy the winter weather. If that’s the case, then find your way to Spain’s highest peak--Mount Teide--for a snowy adventure. With slopes for sledding, skiing or snowball fights, escape the islands beaches for a festive winter day.

5… Another celebration

Once the dust has settled from the New Year’s frenzy, you won’t have to wait long for another celebration. On December 6th, the island observes Dia de los Reyes Magos, an annual event signifying the arrival of the Three Kings. A present-filled day for the children, the Christmas-like holiday commences with colorful parades that lead to a night of singing, dancing, and gift-giving. Make sure to take part in the evening to learn more about the cultural holiday and the significance of the Three Spanish Kings.

4… Nightclubs

Regardless of when you visit the island of Tenerife, you’ll find yourself with a wide selection of lively nightclubs to visit. However, on December 31st, they become even more lively. With various venues lining the streets, you’ll find yourself bouncing from club to club as the night dances on. Make sure to bring your most comfortable party shoes, as you could find yourself dancing right into the morning!

3… Street parties

If the crowded club scene isn’t your cup of tea, then take to the streets for an equally exciting night. As the masses pile into the town squares, DJs and bands fill the air with music, while dazzling fireworks fill the sky. Make friends, feast on the circulating foods, and enjoy the street performances. And don’t forget your camera, as the long night of partying could lead right into the first scenic sunset of the year.

2… Dressing up

It’s almost impossible to be overdressed on December 31st in Tenerife. It is customary for the women to break out their finest gowns and most glamorous jewelry, while the men button up their favorite suit jackets. So, while you’re packing your bathing suits and beach towels, make sure to leave room for at least one fancy outfit.

1… Island traditions

Regardless of how you decide to celebrate the New Year, make an effort to observe and absorb the cultural traditions held by the Spanish Island for many years. For example, wear red underwear beneath your party outfit for good luck and love in the coming year. Or, start off the year on the right foot quite literally, by taking your first step with your right foot; a seemingly goofy yet long-standing tradition. Lastly, gobble down a bushel of 12 grapes just as the clock strikes midnight. Each grape--representing one month of the upcoming year--is said to provide a month of good fortune for the consumer. Whether or not you’re superstitious, test your luck and follow one of the islands many New Year’s lores.

There are plenty of ways to spend your New Year’s Eve in Tenerife; dancing the night away at one of the many nightclubs, watching the fireworks from the crowded streets, or enjoying a relaxing evening in a world-class hotel. Regardless of your preference, Tenerife will provide an unforgettable experience to end and begin your year. Make sure you don’t miss out on celebrating New Years in Tenerife, by booking your flights to Tenerife today!

Happy New Year!