A Surreal Christmas in Tenerife

Needham, MA

On December 2nd opens to the public the VIII Tenerife Art Market Happy Navidad.

  • Salvador Dalí will chair Tenerife Fine Arts Exhibition entitled "Happy Christmas"
  • The art market Christmas 2016 will feature with more than 100 artists´s work.
  • 12 pieces of the great surrealist painter will go on sale through an agreement with a German collector.

The Fine Arts, more surreal than ever this Christmas, invites us on a journey to the universe of more contemporary art.

The Fine Arts of Tenerife opens next Friday, December 2, at 20:00, a new edition of the Art Market called Happy Navidad, with more than hundred artists involved, with three hundred works.

For several years, Tenerife Fine Arts Center is providing an opportunity for artists of all disciplines to show and sell their work, important from a commercial point of view, with the goal to raise public awareness that contemporary art is a good choice to gift, moreover a good investment for the future.

The exhibition, presented under the title 'Happy Navidad' incorporates artists of all disciplines: Oil, watercolor, sculpture, video, photography, acrylic, textile.

In the list TXY, Brigitte Fassin, Paz Barreiro, RAC, Javitxuela y María Vioque. They have also internationals ones as Jurate Naujalyte, Jonny Conradt y Paul Hamanaka plus a special area dedicated to Salvador Dalí, with the following 12 pieces:

- Touromaschie IV 1968, Salvador Dali, € 9.900,00

- Helene etle cheval de Troije 1974, Salvador Dali, € 9.500,00

- Much Ado About Shakespeare 1970, Salvador Dali, € 6.900,00

- Femme acec bequille 1958, Salvador Dali, € 24.900,00

- Legitimite 1971, Salvador Dali, € 39.000,00

- Les Dinner de Gala Kanibalismus 1971, Salvador Dali, € 6.900,00

- La Rose 1976/77, Salvador Dali, € 9.500,00

- Melting Space Time 1975, Salvador Dali, € 12.900,00

- Les Dinner de Gala 1971, Salvador Dali, € 6.900,00

- L Aeroplan 1975, Salvador Dali, € 7.900,00

- Don Quichotte de la Mancha 1957, Salvador Dali, € 11.900,00

- Don Quichotte de la Mancha 1957 II, Salvador Dali, € 9.900,00

- Moise et la monotheisme 1974, Salvador Dali, € 8.900,00


The public may purchase works ranging from 50 to 39,000 euros, the latter figure a piece of Dalí.

All have in common the contemporaneity and offer an exhibition which invites you to be happy.

Tenerife Fine Arts Centre commitment with artists, contributing to offer the youngers first opportunity in a space in the heart of Santa Cruz to expand the options of selling their creations and promotion.

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