The Island Receives a Cruise With Half a Thousand Digital Nomads

Needham, MA

The Cabildo, through the Tenerife Work & Play brand, has organized several routes which will show the possibilities of the Island for remote workers.

Today Friday [day 23] Nomad Cruise arrives in Tenerife, a cruise specializing in digital nomads in which some 500 remote workers travel. The Cabildo, through the Tenerife Tourism board and the Tenerife Work & Play brand, has organized different activities and routes for the destination with the objective of showing the participants the excellent qualities that the Island has for the installation of technology-based startups. Also so that these professionals can spend seasons here, enjoying not only their benefits as a place for leisure and vacations, but also as a work space.

The ship offers its passengers the opportunity to work and enjoy a cruise but at the same time attend conferences and talks by entrepreneurs and industry leaders, while creating a community among the attendees. The Island is the second port to which the boat will arrive after having done it before in Alicante (it left Barcelona on November 19).

Once in Tenerife, the dependent entity of the Cabildo will visit Teide National Park, a winery with tasting of Tenerife wines and products of island cuisine, and a route in the Anaga Rural Park that will include demonstrations of the shepherd's jump as well as a tour of Santa Cruz, a city where a meeting has been organized with other remote workers and digital nomads who currently reside on the island.

The insular councilor of Tourism, Alberto Bernabé, explains that "through the Tenerife Work & Play brand we promote Tenerife as an attractive place from which to work not only due to our climate and safety conditions but also to the quality of life and the advantages taxes that the island offers compared to other cities in the world.”

The councilor also remembers that Tenerife has climbed 14 places in the ranking of the most attractive cities in the world to live, work and enjoy for the digital nomads and remote workers. It occupies the 33rd position in the ranking and in Spain is only surpassed by Barcelona, ​​Madrid and Valencia.

Tenerife Work & Play

Tenerife works, through Tenerife Work & Play, in the promotion of the Island as an attractive location for this type of workers, whose presence in Tenerife also serves as a stimulus for local entrepreneurs thanks to the exchange of knowledge and experiences with these professionals of specialties and fields present on the Island.

This initiative is driven by the economic promotion platform Why Tenerife ?, integrated by the Cabildo, the Chamber of Commerce, the Canary Islands Special Zone (ZEC) and the Free Zone and has the support of INTech Tenerife.