The Island Is Preparing for The Fifth Edition of The Tenerife Walking Festival

Tenerife, Spain

The Island completes its set-up for the celebration of the fifth edition of the Tenerife Walking Festival (TWF), which will take place from May 21 to 25.About 200 participants from more than 10 different nationalities, including tour operators, travel agents and media, will take part in the event, one of the most outstanding in Europe related to hiking.

The TWF is organized by the Cabildo, through Turismo de Tenerife, the ERA
(European Hiking Association), EUMA (European Union of Associations of Montaña), FEDME (Spanish Federation of Mountain Sports and Climbing) and FECAMON (Canarian Mountaineering Federation). On this occasion they have chosen a total of 15 different routes that are distributed throughout the island territory and that are characterized by the diversity of its landscapes, whether by its volcanic, coastal character, or to go green spaces. As a novelty for this edition, they will have the opportunity of testing the members of the women's mountain team of Pakistan, as a way of preparing for future high-level expeditions.

Puerto de la Cruz will once again be the starting point for the different excursions that take place during the days of the event. It will also be the place of meeting where, in parallel with the tours, lectures will take place and the traditional end of party at the Plaza de Europa with musical performances, tasting of products of the traditional gastronomy and a fair of companies of active tourism, some activities to which the local population is invited.

The festival constitutes an important promotional activity of the Island as a place for practice of this sport. According to the data prepared by the Department of Tourism Research of Tenerife from the surveys carried out to travelers, almost 10 percent of the 5.8 million tourists who received the Island in 2018(approximately 530,000), practiced hiking, which meant income estimates for Tenerife exceeding 20 million euros. By nationalities, they are the French who do most of this activity during their holidays, followed by Germans, Swiss, Austrians and Dutch.

Papa Léguas, Agência Abreu and DNA Aventuras (Portugal); Wikinger Reisen and Studiosus
Reisen (Germany); Explore (United Kingdom); Alfa Travel AS and Peer Gynt Tours AS (Norway); or Gezinsvakantie Familia tours and Outdoor (Belgium) are some of the tour operators and participating travel agents. All of them will know first hand routes for hiking and, in general, the attractions of the Island as a destination

17 national media and bloggers will also be accredited international, who will follow up on the event, among them: Retki Magazine, or Rantapallo (Finland); (Denmark); Vital (France); Trail Magazine and The Independent (United Kingdom); Agencia EFE, Staf Magazine, The Ecotourist, The Traveler of El País, Oxygen or Open Air (Spain). This year the popular Spanish adventurer Sebastián Álvaro will also attend the event again, director of the mythical television program On the edge of the impossible of Spanish Television, who is again the sponsor of the TWF. The commitment of this event for sustainability is also maintained. For offset the carbon footprint caused by CO2 emissions related to The festival will carry out an environmental impact calculation to compensate later with the plantation of forest species of the Island and the recovery of
agricultural areas in disuse.

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