The Cabildo Promotes A Letter of Quality to Improve the Services of the Companies of Activities in the Nature

Needham, MA

15 companies of activities in the nature of the Island have already confirmed their commitment to sign a letter of quality aimed at improving the services they provide to tourists. Promoted by the Cabildo through Turismo de Tenerife, the document seeks to replicate the successful model of the Tourism Sustainability Charter in Cetacean Sightings. The initiative was presented this week to businessmen by the island's vice president and tourism councilor, Alberto Bernabé.

The counselor explains that "the philosophy of this letter is that its content and requirements to be met are defined jointly with the entrepreneurs, so that their participation in the project, always voluntary, is key". Bernabé says that with her "we seek to foster a culture of quality and excellence in tourism services that surround such activities based on the overall sustainability of resources and cooperation between companies and the public sector."

The meeting served to let companies know the project, the work schedule established for the coming months, "as well as to get their commitment to the document that comes out of common work," adds the counselor, who recalls that any company interested in forming part of the project can obtain more information by writing to the email

The quality charter is promoted by Turismo de Tenerife and has the collaboration of the Environment Area of ​​the Cabildo, through the Public Use and Environmental Education Service, and also the Association of Professionals and Active Tourism Companies of the Canary Islands ( Activa Canarias), with whom the first phase of the project has been worked.

Some of the proposals included in the meeting for inclusion in the letter consist in promoting knowledge about environmental values ​​and environmental protection in the activities provided; facilitate and promote training and training periodically among company personnel; contribute to local development through the use of local goods and services; use channels and digital media; promote the uses of organic products; take care of the number of users per activity or use telematic tools to collect customer ratings.

The letter foresees a continuous evaluation of the commitment through a mysterious client who will visit each company once a year, and who will prepare individual reports of each as well as general information about the operation of the project. As consideration, companies will get promotion within the letter itself and improve collaboration, training and evaluation of their services.
The companies of activities in the nature, as they are defined in the Active Tourism Decree of the Canary Islands, that work in the Island can be integrated in the project. The letter also contemplates the figure of the "ally", referred to those companies that, without being properly of activities in the nature, they follow some sustainable criteria and they commit themselves to collaborate with the letter and with the companies adhered the same one.