The Cabildo ensures the international impact of the Carnival of Tenerife

Needham, MA

Journalists from Russia, the Czech Republic, Finland, France, Poland, Portugal and Denmark will get to know first-hand what is known as the most international party on the Island.

Journalists from countries such as Russia, Finland, France, Poland, Portugal and Denmark will cover reporting the Carnival of Tenerife. The Cabildo, through Turismo de Tenerife, has organized a complete program because they know first-hand the in and outs of what is known as the most international part on the island.

"The Carnival of Tenerife, as a Festival of International Tourist Interest is a very interesting and attractive festival which is why journalists are taking notice,” explains the insular councilor of Tourism, Alberto Bernabé, who remembers the effort made, year after year, by the Island Corporation to bring to the Island outstanding media. The media’s presence also reinforces the idea to other tourist attractions that everything our destination offers makes it a great place to vacation to.

International journalists that belong to important media in their markets such as: Travel Digest of the Czech Republic, the on-board magazine of the Russian airline Aeroflot, the travel magazine 'Around the World' (Vokrug Sveta) of Russia, travel blogs of Finland, of Poland, the newspaper 'Público' of Portugal and the two main Danish media Politiken and Jyllandsposten. The French public television TF1 which has an audience of six million viewers will also travel to the Island to record a report that will be broadcast during the weekend.

The program that Turismo de Tenerife has prepared for the foreign attending Carnival includes visits to different events of the festival - including the Carnival of Day, the Coso Apotheosis or the Burial of the Sardine. Additionally, they will get to explore some of the main tourist attractions of the Island such as the Teide National Park or La Laguna - both UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the North of the Island and the Isla Baja, and have various opportunities to taste the gastronomy and wines of Tenerife.


About Tenerife

Tenerife is the largest of the Canary Islands, a chain in the eastern Atlantic Ocean. Guaranteed sunshine, diverse landscapes, white and black sand beaches and charming villages make the island an ideal vacation option all year round. Not to mention its vast array of activities - from year-round whale watching and stargazing on Spain’s highest speak to exploring Europe’s largest lava tubes, ensure that the island is unforgettable as its flavors and friendly people. 

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