'Animal Instinct' Returns This Season to Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife


Room service for pets, personalized check-in or walks with expert caregivers are some of the services of Animal Instinct.

Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife once again includes this season its exclusive service for pets, `Animal Instinct`, a project where they can share a few days of rest with their owners and be pampered by a team of specialists canines, pet lovers, that will make you feel like real rock stars in one of the most fascinating destinations in the world. The only requirement: dogs and pigs that do not exceed the 10 kilograms of weight.

For the second consecutive year, the emblematic hotel of the Palladium Hotel Group, once again
A nod to the best friends of man through Animal Instinct. One of the services more exclusive services offered by the Hard Rock Hotel chain and that includes: The Animal Instinct exclusive rooms, a personalized check-in (where pets you can sign with your patita), a welcome letter that will be accompanied by the delivery of some amenities that include your own bed, a trough, balls to play and a welcome snack, the latter composed of a bottle of water, and a personalized cookie.

In addition, the team pet lover of Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife will make your stay the most comfortable and entertaining as possible, receiving the best attentions that will go from walks with expert caregivers to explore the most beautiful corners of the resort, SPA sessions where they will be bathed, combed and can enjoy an enviable paticura, and even. They will have a rest area prepared every night by the hotel staff.

For the à la carte menu options, The Animal Instinct room service includes a variety of delicious dishes such as cream of chicken and vegetables, veal with vegetables and fish with red fruits. One of the novelties this year, are the culinary delicatessen which includes bacon strips, chicken bones with cow skin, turkey carpaccio, fish and even white chocolate- delicious treats that your snout can not dispense with.

To enjoy with its owners, Animal Instinct offers a brochure with the best routes to walk your pet and advice on where to find a veterinarian. For more clueless owners, the official shop of the hotel will have a wide selection of products to make you truly feel in one of the rock temples.

With this service Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife offers a new possibility to its customers to enjoy their facilities and live an exciting experience without having to separate yourself from your best friends.